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Perforated Gypsum Board

Wellyoung Perforated Gypsum Board is a perforated 12.5mm gypsum board with air-cleaning effect black or white acoustical EU standard Ahlstrom non-woven fabric on the back(special color when ordering).

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Fiberglass Ceiling tiles

Wellyoung  Fiberglass  Acoustic  Ceiling  Tiles  use  high  intensity  glasswool as basic material, decorative compound mat as front material, and Glassfiber surface mat as its underside material. It has excellent sound absorbing effect, 40mm board noise reduction coefficient reach 0.9 point high. Also it is Grade A incombustible material. It is widely used for indoor space, such as hospital, meeting room, exhibition hall, cinema, library ,studio, gymnasium , phonetic classroom, shopping place ,etc.

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Painted gypsum ceiling tiles
Wellyoung prepainted gypsum ceiling is used high quality gypsum board as its substrate material. The front surface with advanced prepainted customized color, and back surface is pasted with strengthening aluminum foil. The colorful surface has enriched the decoration of top space.
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