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Wellyoung Gypsum Perforated Panel is made of high strength gypsum board according to different design patterns. This panel is a high quality acoustic panel after the high precision perforation. The different shapes of holes distributed on the board surface, not only improves the aesthetic effect, but also has the effect of noise reduction and sound absorption. The holes on the board also strengthen the respiratory function of gypsum board, and have the effect of energy saving and indoor temperature adjusting.
Main characteristics
The fiber-reinforced panel as the substrate panel
Advanced perforation processed technology
Gypsum board with sound-absorbing effect
Beautiful colors, unique perforated continuous seamless effect and precise geometric layout
Good performance on sound absorption and temperature and humidity control
Unique and beautiful perforation modes create special decorative effect.
Specific perforating process on the large whole board
 Colorful patterns to satisfy your enjoyment of elegant and quiet life
The color of the film backside is optional (white, black, blue)
Specification (mm)
Ordinary round hole        3mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
                                              12mm, 15mm
Ordinary square hole       10mm, 12mm
Cross-hole                        6/10mm,  8/12mm, 12/20mm
Micro-pores                      3mm, 5mm
Honeycomb hole              10mm
Slotted holes                     4×14mm(长圆)  
Irregular Holes                 8/15/20mm     12/20/35mm
Methods of installment
Perforated gypsum panel is installed on the light steel keel which is the same as ordinary gypsum board
1. In order to maintain a complete pattern, the overall layout should be considered before installation. The layout of lights, air-conditioning output port, inspection port should try to avoid the perforation area.
2. The space of vice or vertical keels is advised to be 400mm or 600mm, and also make sure the smoothness.
3. For the convenience of installation, we recommend using the phosphate-quality self-tapping screws and ensure there is no bumped place. Keep a less than 20CM linear layout in the edge of screws, and perforated area should be slightly strengthened.
4. The sound-absorbing cotton should be put on the backside of the panel. Please note that the aluminium foil should be peeled off rockwool to ensure that no gas barrier.
Joints and coating
1. Same as the ordinary boards, the joints should be as smooth as possible, no bumps.

2. After testing, the shrinkage rate of perforated gypsum panel is almost zero, so we do not advice the left seam processing
3. Do not need to do the full gypsum treat, and we recommend using theprofessional primer system.
4. In order to get the best finish effect, recommend to use roller to paint. In this way, you can not only ensure the uniform surface texture, but also can prevent the acoustic non-woven from
pollution and congestion.
5. To the irregular panel, square edge processing and no seam joint is enough. Fill the space with seam putty, and then flat it.
Need to do specialized acoustic treatment places
Such as concert halls, audition rooms, etc.
Places in the civil construction that need to control the loud noise and do acoustic treatment
Meeting Rooms
Acoustic Screens
Home decoration, such as wall
Public places: subways, airports, railway station halls, shopping malls, etc.



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